One of the biggest innovations to come to cross-stitching in recent years has been the addition of "apps" that have been specially made to convert paper cross stitch charts to digital PDF documents.

  Best Tablets For Pattern Keeper

When I was looking to make this change for myself as a cross-stitcher, I looked at the handful of apps on the market that promised easy chart conversion. 

Pattern Keeper had the proven track record as well as widespread approval among viewers of my YouTube channel. Once I downloaded it and watched the tutorials available, I was hooked.

Pattern Keeper revolutionized the way that I cross-stitch. I am far more productive and organized using this app to work on all of my cross-stitch charts. 

Some Of My Designs On Pattern Keeper

Once I became a confident Pattern Keeper user, I knew I had to make sure that my cross stitch designs were going to be compatible with the app. Thankfully a few modifications to my settings in the cross-stitch design program that I use provided an easy and fast way to produce Pattern Keeper-ready charts.

So  How Do You Get Started With Pattern Keeper?

The first thing to know is that it only comes as an Android app right now. There is talk that an IOS (Apple) version is on the way, but it's not here yet (as of June, 2023). 

You can use your phone or a tablet to download the app from your Google Playstore. You need something with a touchscreen which is why a regular desktop or laptop computer isn't recommended.

I started with my phone but ended up purchasing a tablet to increase my screen size. Using a tablet instead of a phone also frees up your phone for other uses while you're stitching (I like to listen to YouTube videos). 

Do I Need A Google Drive Account?

Yes and no! Google Drive is how I integrate my charts into my specific Patten Keeper account. As you can save current progress into your Google Drive account, it's also a great way to "backup" your charts in case something happens to the device you are using.

You could alternatively use a Dropbox account but I am not at all familar with importing charts with this. There is more information included in the tutorial.

How Much Does Pattern Keeper Cost?

Currently a one-time fee of roughly $9 USD. As many folks from around the world know, various taxes and such may add a bit more onto the cost. 

What If I Run Into An Issue? How Can I Get Help With Pattern Keeper?

There are two ways to get problem solving help with Pattern Keeper:

1. Check out the tutorials on their official YouTube channel and website.

2. Join the Facebook group that is very active and ready to help anyone with an issue.

What Android Tablets Can I Use With Pattern Keeper?

From the Pattern Keeper website - 

Pattern Keeper is supported on Android devices running Android version 4.1 or later and has the Google Play Store installed. However, it performs more smoothly on newer devices. If buying a new device to run Pattern Keeper on then it is recommended to get at least 2GB RAM.

I personally use a Teclast-brand tablet that I purchased off of Amazon a few years ago. While this specific model isn't available, the tablet closet to the one I own is this one and it's still under $90. 

Note: Amazon Fire Tablets Do Not Support Google PlayStore And Therefore Can't Be Used For Pattern Keeper

Let's say you want a bigger screen or something that is capable of more utility (I completely understand) - here's a few good choices:

With a 12.4" screen, this Samsung Tablet comes with all the bells and whistles. If you're looking for a higher performance tablet because you're using it for a variety of applications, this is your best choice.

Let's say you still want a great tablet but at a lower price point. This powerful off-brand tablet comes with all the performance of a Samsung but at a 75% reduction in price. It also has a keyboard attachment that increases it's versatility. When I upgrade/replace my current tablet, this is the one I'm going to get.

Is There A Free Trial For Pattern Keeper? 

YES! But you'll likely buy the pattern outright after only a few hours of using it. It's that good.

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