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This cross-stitch pattern is of a great library filled with books. This is a blackwork (aka monochrome using a dark color of floss) that shows an immense library filled with books.

I designed this piece so that only one color floss is needed for completion. This is not full coverage. Only stitch the dark stitches and allow the fabric to provide depth and detail.

Easy cross stitch, modern cross stitch, Counted cross stitch

Stitch Count: 470 x 250

Category: Supersize

Stitching areas are rounded up to the nearest half-inch (example a pattern that is 10.35" x 10.72" is rounded to 10.5" x 11") to ensure you get enough fabric. 

You'll need extra fabric around the stitched pattern to allow for framing needs. The following table calculates how much fabric you'll need for this specific pattern based on the fabric count you choose and how much extra framing fabric you want.



Pattern Only

2" Extra Fabric

3" Extra Fabric

14 ct

34" x 18"

37.5" x 22"

 39.5" x 24"

18 ct

26.5" x 14"

30" x 18"

32" x 20"

25 ct

19" x 10"

23" X 14"

25" X 16"

28 ct

17" x 9"

21" x 13"

23" x 15"

DMC Colors Used: 1 - Pick any dark color to stitch over a lighter color fabric! I use DMC 310 (Black)

Included in this easy-to read pattern:
- version of final stitched product
- black and white symbol chart
- page layout
- color floss legend with DMC length used

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