Cross-Stitch is one of the most accessible and easiest crafts for anyone to learn. There's just one stitch (the actual "Cross" or X) to know unless you want to become more advanced and stitch more intricate works (that is not me, either).

I designed all of my patterns to be stitched only with this basic full stitch. 

I Need A Cross-Stitching Tutorial

I send all newbie cross-stitchers to Peacock And Fig to learn the basics of stitching. She is a wonderful resource and makes her instructions clear and her videos have detailed close-up examples. I can't tell or show you any better than she can.

If you're looking for what you need to acquire to start cross-stitching, check out the resources page I have on the store for ideas and information.

When you're ready, you may choose to start with one of my smaller designs or you may just want to jump right into a monochrome or more colorful design. Welcome To Cross-Stitch!!!