Modern Cross-Stitch Design

Sleeping Cat Monochrome Cross Stitch Pattern Digital Download

The stylistic look was created by converting the black and white image to a one-color cross stitch pattern (aka "monochromatic") that maintains the quality of the original image. 

The white portion of the pattern is creating by stitching a dark color onto a light-colored fabric. Therefore, you could use any color fabric instead of white if you're looking to create something different.

DMC Colors Used: 1

The pattern is stitched with just one color - I recommend DMC 310 (black) but any dark color will do. I highly recommend stitching it on a white fabric as the white background will help to highlight the pattern and really make it stand out. However, you can choose any color fabric you'd like!

Stitch Count - 320 x 160

Stitching areas are rounded up to the nearest half-inch (example a pattern that is 10.35" x 10.72" is rounded to 10.5" x 11") to ensure you get enough fabric. Don't forget to add at least a few inches to the overall width and length of the fabric to give yourself enough room for framing!

14 Ct Fabric - 23" X 11.5"
18 Ct Fabric - 18" X 9"
25 Ct Fabric - 13" x 6.5"

Go to to find more complete design specs for the fabric needed and to double-check the amount of fabric you'll need.