Whether you are new to cross-stitching or been stitching for years, finding supplies for a product can be a difficult task if you don't have a physical store near you. Here you will find multiple options for fabric, floss, and even instructional tutorials.

Best Tablets For Using Pattern Keeper App!!

Where To Find Fabric For A Cross-Stitch Pattern

Any retail cross-stitching store can provide you with the fabric you need. In many cases you will want to call them directly to specifiy what you need: 

  • Count size (such as 14 ct, 25 ct, or 40 ct)
  • Type of fabric (Aida, Lugana, Linen, etc)
  • Color of the fabric
  • Overall size of fabric 
    • They want the stich count of the pattern - this is usually listed in the format  __x__
    • Then they will want to know how much extra fabric you will want on all sides to assist in framing; if you're new to stitching, you must add extra fabric to every project; how much you add is personal preference. I like 2"-3" of fabric on all sides. Add 3" if you are unsure or are new to stitching - this will help in case you don't start stitching in just the right spot

Be mindful that some options may be temporarily unavailble. Recent supply chain issues over the past few years have made it difficult to keep certain fabric in stock for many stores.

To Find A Local Needlework Shop Near You, Check Out Needle Travel

Some of the bigger online cross-stitching sites also have some great fabric options.

Everything Cross Stitch 123Stitch    Cross Stitch World

Other Options For Finding Fabric:

One of the best options when it comes to finding just the right fabric for your project is on Etsy. Below is a list of Fabric sellers on Etsy** that I recommend based on personal experience, shop ratings, and customer reviews:

Aida Fabric On Etsy

Stitched Modern Millions Of Stitches
ZeleNava My Vintage Needle Arts
Quilt Sew Stitch Shop


Linen Options On Etsy

Floss And Fabrics Primrose Cottages Stitched Modern
Hollis Hands Create  Yarn Stories My Vintage Needle Arts
Farmer's Attic Millions Of Stitches ZeleNava


Easy Count Fabric On Etsy (pre-gridded fabric)

Dyeing For Cross Stitch  CrossnCrafts
Million Of Stitches My Vintage Needle Arts



Where To Find Floss 

I recommend checking out Needle Travel to find a local needlework shop near you to see these floss options in person.  

I only provide DMC floss color options for my patterns. It's what I stitch with the most and I find it's the easiest/cheapest floss for most of my customers to get.

I recommend Everything Cross Stitch when it comes to getting your floss online. I've used them in the past multiple times and been happy. Otherwise, supporting smaller stores on Etsy is another good choice. The following links are directly to these stores' DMC floss listings.

Million Of Stitches Farmers Attic  SouthPassBeads


Where To Find Needles

My favorite type of needle is a tapestry needle. Tapestry needles have a rounded end tip and are easier (for me) to use and also don't hurt nearly as much when you stab yourself while stitching. You can find these almost anywhere there are crafting supplies. Want a few Etsy options?

Sizes of needles are personal preference but I usually use size 26 for my 25 ct fabric. Size 24 is what I use for 18 ct fabric.

Hollis Hands Create

Sassy2Stitch (Bulk orders)


**I might earn a tiny commision if you purchase products through Etsy links