How I Organize My Pattern Sizes

In an effort to make it easier for anyone to identify patterns in a size range that they are comfortable with, I have divided all of my patterns into categories that involve noting the longest edge of the pattern. This longest edge will note the stitch count

For example: a pattern has a stitch count of 150 x 295. It will be sorted by the longest side of the pattern - 295 stitches, which puts it in the Large category. 

Mini  Small   Medium  Large  Supersized
 < 59 stitches  60 - 99  100 - 179 180 - 299   300+


How Much Extra Fabric Do I Need To Account For When Framing?

***You will be adding this extra fabric to all sides. For example, 2" of extra fabric on all sides will add 4" to the width and 4" to the length of your project.

I recommend:

  • 1"-1.5" for Mini patterns
  • 1.5" - 2" for Small patterns
  • 2" - 3" for Medium and Large patterns
  • 3" for Supersized patterns


Mini Pattern 

14 ct
18 ct
25 ct
32 ct