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Chihuahua Counted Cross-Stitch Pattern | Dog Cross Stitch Pattern | Blackwork | Instant PDF Download

This counted cross-stitch pattern of a very serious-looking Chihuahua is done with only full cross stitches.

Do you use Pattern Keeper? This pattern (and all of the rest of my patterns) work great in that app!

The pattern is stitched with just one color - I recommend DMC 310 (black) but any dark color will do. I highly recommend stitching it on a white fabric as the white background will help to highlight the pattern and really make it stand out.

This is not a full-coverage cross stitch pattern. Stitching only the black parts on a light-colored fabric.

This is a fun stitch. It goes fast because you're using just one color. Moreover, once you've finished this cross stitch pattern, your friends and family won't believe it's cross stitch! The unique method of making this pattern gives it a 3-D look that will boggle your mind. You've never stitched anything like this.

Stitch Count: 186 x 207

How much fabric do you need? Stitching areas are rounded up to the nearest full inch (example a pattern that is 10.35" x 10.72" is rounded to 11" x 11") to ensure you get enough fabric.

You'll need extra fabric around the stitched pattern to allow for framing needs. The following table calculates how much fabric you'll need for this specific pattern based on the fabric count you choose and how much extra framing fabric you want.



Pattern Only

2" Extra Fabric

3" Extra Fabric

14 ct

13" x 21"

17" x 25"

19" x 27"

18 ct

10" x 16"

14" x 20"

16" x 22"

25 ct

8" x 12"

 12" x 16"

14" X 18"

28 ct

7" x 11"

11" x 15""

13" x 17"


 Included in this easy-to read pattern:

- printable version of final stitched product
- black and white symbol chart
- page layout
- color floss legend with DMC length used

Digital PDF Download will be available from the sales page directly after purchasing or via a download link sent via email. PDF Files integrate well with the app Pattern Keeper if needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kathleen DeCamp
A New Experience

This is my first time doing a project with pixelated dots and I’m having sort of a love/hate relationship with it. Let me start by saying that I’m glad I started with something small. Many of the patterns I liked were much larger, but I settled on the chihuahua because my sister has 3 of the dogs and this project is going to be a gift for her. I’m doing it on 14 count Picture This Plus Heartland in DMC 3371 and am very pleased with the half I have done.
What I love about it is using just one color (so easy) and watching how the design just seems to come to life.
What I hate about it is the fact that it took me awhile to decide how I was going to not get lost. I don’t grid my fabric and at first I was all over the place. Finally I settled on just doing one block of 10 squares one vertical column at a time. Also, I prefer to work from bottom to top, from left to right. This is what seems to work for me.
In conclusion, although this has been an enjoyable stitch, I find myself not all that eager to do another one like it. I also don’t really have the patience for a full coverage piece. Of course Jules’ designs are pretty tempting and I may just have to give it another go in the future. I’ll keep watching for her new releases with avid interest.

Michele J.

This pattern is fantastic, and it is amazing to see the image come to life - from a series of dots to the gorgeous face of a chihuahua. I am delighted with this pattern; I have bought others and will continue to do so.