Chicago Riverwalk Counted Cross-Stitch Pattern | Monochrome Cross Stitch Pattern | Instant PDF Download

$13.00 USD

Chicago Riverwalk Counted Cross-Stitch Pattern | Monochrome Cross Stitch Pattern | Instant PDF Download

$13.00 USD

The Chicago River is actually a collection of waterways that run throughout downtown Chicago and the surrounding areas. This particular cross stitch pattern depicts one of the most iconic portions of the Chicago Riverwalk in a monochrome/black and white appearance.

This is a digital download that also works in the Pattern Keeper app

Easy to read cross stitch, modern cross stitch, Counted cross stitch

Stitch Count -320 x 460

DMC Colors Used: 1

The pattern is stitched with just one color - I recommend DMC 310 (black) but any dark color will do. I highly recommend stitching it on a white fabric as the white background will help to highlight the pattern and really make it stand out. However, you can choose any color fabric you'd like!

Stitching areas are rounded up to the nearest half-inch (example a pattern that is 10.35" x 10.72" is rounded to 10.5" x 11") to ensure you get enough fabric. 

You'll need extra fabric around the stitched pattern to allow for framing needs. The following table calculates how much fabric you'll need for this specific pattern based on the fabric count you choose and how much extra framing fabric you want.


Pattern Only

2" Extra Fabric

3" Extra Fabric

14 ct

23" x 33"

27" x 37"

29" x 39"

18 ct

18" x 26"

22" x 30"

24" x 32"

25 ct

13" x 19"

17" x 23"

19" x 25"

28 ct

12" x 17"

16" x 21"

18" x 23"

Included in this easy-to read-PDF pattern:
- printable version of final stitched product
- black and white symbol chart
- page layout
- color floss legend with DMC length used

This PDF counted cross stitch pattern available for instant download. No fabric, floss, or materials are included with this purchase.

Monochrome cross-stitch patterns can be quite intricate and beautiful, even with the limitation of using just one color. The shading and depth in the design are achieved by using different shades and intensities of the chosen color, as well as varying the density and direction of the stitches. This type of pattern is often used to create subtle and sophisticated pieces of embroidery, and it's a great choice for those who prefer a minimalist or monochromatic aesthetic.