Jules started cross-stitching 20 years ago and quickly fell in love with this fun and soothing hobby.  She started a YouTube channel in 2015 and quickly grew a following of other stitchers who appreciated larger, more complex cross-stitch designs.

In 2020, she started her own cross-stitch pattern store after learning the basics of design from Ronnie Rowe (a well-known designer who has been in the business for over 30 years). She took his unique method of creating monochrome (truly one color of floss) pen and ink designs and has created dozens of unique and exquisite patterns enjoyed by stitchers all over the world.

Jules displayed her creations at the Nashville Needlework Show in 2022 and had a blast meeting many other designers and cross-stitch store owners. She prefers to focus on her online store as that gives her far more time to design new cross-stitch patterns.

The goal of this pattern store is to offer unique and different patterns from the typical cross-stitch pattern online store. Jules sources her pattern subjects from public domain images and sites where she has obtained licensing privileges.

If you'd like to reach out to her, just send an email to stitchingjulesdesign@gmail.com