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Miniature Octopus Cross Stitch Pattern | Blackwork Cross Stitch Pattern | Physical And Digital PDF Download Pattern Options

Octopus Cross Stitch Pattern | Blackwork Cross Stitch Pattern | Physical And Digital PDF Download Pattern Options

Do you use Pattern Keeper? This pattern (and all of the rest of my patterns) work great in that app!

The pattern is stitched with just one color - I recommend DMC 310 (black) but any dark color will do. I highly recommend stitching it on a white fabric as the white background will help to highlight the pattern and really make it stand out.

This is not a full-coverage cross stitch pattern. Stitching only the black parts on a light-colored fabric.

This is a fun stitch. It goes fast because you're using just one color. Moreover, once you've finished this cross stitch pattern, your friends and family won't believe it's cross stitch! The unique method of making this pattern gives it a 3-D look that will boggle your mind. You've never stitched anything like this.

Stitch Count: 148 x 78

Category: Medium

How much fabric do you need? Stitching areas are rounded up to the nearest half-inch (example a pattern that is 10.35" x 10.72" is rounded to 10.5" x 11") to ensure you get enough fabric. Don't forget to add at least a few inches to the overall width and length of the fabric to give yourself enough room for framing!



Pattern Only

2" Extra Fabric

3" Extra Fabric

14 ct

11" x 6"

14.5" x 9.5"

 16.5" x 11.5"

18 ct

8.5" x 4.5"

12" x 8.5"

14" x 10.5"

25 ct

6" x 3.5"

10" X 7"

12" X 9"

28 ct

5.5" x 3"

9.5" x 7"

11.5" x 9"

Included in this easy-to read pattern:
- printable version of final stitched product
- black and white symbol chart
- page layout
- color floss legend with DMC length used

Choose one of two formats below:

  • Digital PDF Download will be available from the sales page directly after purchasing or via a download link sent via email. PDF Files integrate well with the app Pattern Keeper if needed.
  • Physical Patterns are shipped via the options you selected. You will get a physical version of the pattern which includes a paper pattern sealed in plastic packaging
  • You will not be able to have both versions of the chart unless you specifically pay for both versions (i.e. if you buy the physical pattern you can't ask to also have the digital pdf file without purchasing that as well)


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