Mini Cross-Stitch Patterns Vs Regular Cross-Stitch Patterns

Mini Cross-Stitch Patterns are smaller versions of the same patterns already on my store. While the larger designs show a high degree of resolution and detailing, the smaller/mini patterns still capture the essence of the pattern at a fraction of the overall stitching.
Mini Cross-Stitch Patterns Vs Regular Cross-Stitch Patterns

Hello! Thanks for checking out my store and this page. One of the most frequent questions I receive is the difference between my mini cross-stitch patterns and my typical larger patterns.

The first difference - obviously - is size. Almost all of my mini patterns are smaller than 120 x 120 (whereas my larger patterns are usually at least twice that size). This allows for a much faster stitching experience which many people enjoy. Finishes are fun!!

Can Monochrome Patterns Be Mini Patterns?  Unfortunately I haven't been able to convert many of my monochrome (also could be called one-color, black and white, or blackwork) patterns to a smaller format. I've tried, believe me. It just doesn't work with the techniques I use.

Here's the caveat!!!  I've gone back and reworked some of the original monochrome design so that it can be done with colors and be miniaturized. Typically no more than 12 colors are used (and many of the patterns from monochromes use the same floss colors) and the overall effect is a more gentle, lighter pattern.


The Original Monochrome Cowboy: 320 x 400 with one color


The New Mini-Cowboy:  120 x 120 (not full coverage) with 14 colors